Are you having FUN?

I have done some research. Carnival is the time that “people celebrated before Lent and it began with parades, costumes and masks in order to endure the period of Lent and withdrawal from worldly pleasures”. Though it is meant to be a Christian tradition, Carnival has roots in pre-Christian times with various celebrations in February. The basic idea of the Carnival is celebrating ‘life’. Lent was invented by the Church a bit later, in my opinion, in order to make sure that you repent after having so much fun and breaking all rules that binds us all into respectable human beings.

I look around and it looks as if we have forgotten how to have fun, how to be wild and deliriously crazy! At least for a day! People basically look grey, white, brown, black, and gloomy. We have lost our colour. I started checking out some of the Carnival programs. Most of them are for children and are about wearing some weird costume especially that of a super hero. What’s that all about?

We seem to have lost touch completely with the rebellious within and practically managed to teach our kids how to do, too. Carnival is meant to be the time of losing control and really going for the wild within. This is the time to experience the uncontrollable rebel, to revive the passionate diseuse, and to act like Stanley Ipkiss when he turns into the MASK. Use a mask and take on an alter-ego that can support you to do some wild and crazy stuff that your ‘well socialized ego’ would never let you do.

Let your hair loose; scream, dance as if nobody’s watching! It is the Carnival, have some fun without boundaries!

Our accessories are from the wild side. We wish to contribute to the crazy, the passionate, the wild side in each of us that are behind shut steel-doors so you can awake and express them.

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