EcoAd is working hard to make cities free from plastic carrier bags whilst providing financial freedom to women from marginalised communities. We train these women to make paper bags for free and ensure they get paid a fair income for their efforts. EcoAd then sells these bags in the marketplace.

Most consumers can’t comprehend that there is a real and cost effective alternative to plastic carrier bags so we make it our job to educate the market and physically go out to the streets and replace the bags for them. 80% of our consumers come back requesting for more eco-friendly bags after use.

EcoAd: Replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly bags

How does EcoAd work?

We want to make cities free from plastic carrier bags because they contribute to 80% of the total plastic waste in India. These are predominantly used in local retail stores where you go and buy something and at checkout you get a plastic bag for free. There are so many bags out there that the numbers are really staggering. What we’re trying to do is provide affordable alternatives to plastic carrier bags which are eco-friendly bags created out of used newspapers and can carry from 1kg – 10kg of weight in their different variations. They can used for up to 60 cycles of use. All these bags are hand-made and we take raw materials including used newspapers, industry waste which would regularly end up being wasted. These are created through a special process. We employ and train women from marginalised communities to make these bags and we only employ women because when they start earning, it elevates their social status and instils confidence.

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